Analytical Modules

Analytical Modules
TradeMaster ® Analytical Methods

TradeMaster with its numerous analytical methods is the best in the world up to now. We therefore make the clear claim that our software shall always be designed so that traders don’t “drown” in the flood of information but can always use it sensibly for their individual trading.   Intuitive controls, simple intelligibility and last but not least the calculation of all the information based on real-time valuations are the defining characteristics of software that provides enormous support when interpreting exchange situations for your trading success.
The Analytical Modules
Combi I Module
Combi II Module
Four strong analytical modules

TradeMaster not only combines tried and tested analytical tools with a direct trading screen. You can also either use the ones we recommend with our years of exchange trading experience or apply the trading strategies that you have selected to run automatically.   TradeMaster will win you over with the highest software standards, redundant system behavior for constant performance monitoring and its user friendly interface.

The PipVariometer

Knowing that markets move is one thing. To act precisely, it is also important to know your precise speed and your momentum, which is why we developed the PipVariometer. Pip is used to indicate the smallest unit of a currency.   “To pip” also means to beat out someone by the smallest possible margin. Thus, it makes the little pip important to you. The PipVariometer allows you, via a drop down menu, to view three different currency pairs at once.

The StopCalculator

The correct setting of safety stops to limit trading risk is a constant challenge even for professionals and one of the largest sources of errors. In reality, professional position management is impossible without clearly defining a market exit when the market moves against you. The Stop Calculator monitors volatility, resistance and support as well as market velocity when calculating stop points and removes uncertainty when limiting risk.   Four stops are available for each long and short position. Depending on your individual risk management or safety requirements, a stop can be set closer to or further away from the current market price.

The general rule is:
The shorter the trading horizon, the tighter the safety stop should be.

The Combi I & Combi II Module

We wanted our Combi I and Combi II tools give you the opportunity to monitor numerous indicators and significant number of currency pairs at the same time to help you find a trading strategy.

It is precisely the overview of several currency pairs that is so important, as certain prices tend to move together in one direction. Some examples are the EUR-USD pair and the GBP-USD pair.

Both pairs often move in the same direction and differ only in their momentum or the extent of their price rise.

The Combi modules, which display six currency pairs at the same time, allow the trader to estimate at a glance, which trade would be better for him. They contain the following tried and tested indicators for every currency pair:

“Fast-Market Indicator”
“Trend Indicator Arrow”
“Trend Indicator”
“Pip Variometer Indicator”
“Momentum Indicator”
”Volatility Indicator”

Fast-Market Indicator
This is a display , that signals to the trader when the market is about to move quickly and in which direction the sudden movement will take place. The display works like a traffic light:

If the market remains normal the area remains white. Should market participant activity significantly increase, the field will flash yellow and thus tells the trader: “Attention, something is about to happen!” Should the market begin to move rapidly, the areas will blink blue, if the price rises and red when the price falls. Should the market return to its normal course, the color will disappear and the area will be white once again.

Trend Indicator Arrow
This arrow tells the trader the current trend direction in the market.

A blue arrow pointing upwards indicates that prices are currently rising and a red arrow pointing downwards indicates that prices are currently falling.

This indicator shows the trader the trend behavior on the market for a very short time frame. When the market begins to rise, the bar will fill with blue .

Should the price rise cease and begin to fall, the blue color will disappear and the bar will begin to fill with red .

If the market switches once again from a price decline to a price rise, the red bar will disappear and begin to fill with blue once again.
  PipVariometer Indicator
This bar displays the status of the PipVariometers. If the PipVariometer is at zero, the bar is completely empty. The bar will fill with blue the more , the PipVariometer rises.

Should the PipVariometer be at a 100 or higher, the bar will be entirely blue. The display will then fill with red , if the PipVariometer is in negative territory.

Momentum Indicator
As the name says, this indicator shows the current momentum on the market. If there is no momentum, the bar will be empty (white).

Should the momentum be positive, the bar will fill with blue ; should the momentum turn negative, the bar will turn red .

Volatility Indicator
This Volatility Indicator has no color coding unlike all the other combination tools. The indicator shows the trader the current volatility compared to the average market volatility.

Should current volatility be higher than average, the bar will be filled with color above the mid-point . Should current volatility be lower than average, the bar will be filled with color below the mid-point .
The special benefit from the entire module is the compact and clear combination of a number of important pieces of information about price behavior.

Other than chart presentations with technical indicators, this form of presentation can combine various pieces of information and thus produce a strong valid statement regarding trend strength and its probable duration. One of TradeMaster’s strengths is its visualization of Fast Market situations that cannot be derived from a chart.
  The software naturally works in real-time. It not only gives you, the trader, an overview of current price trends at all times, but also provides you with a number of analytical models, to provide an individual estimate of further price developments which is a pre-requisite for successful trading.
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