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Automatic Trading
Automated Master Strategies – The recipe
for controlling emotions

Always up to date and with quick and secure access to the market, TradeMaster® puts traders in a position to react promptly to every situation. However, emotions can come into play in such a situation. The extreme volatility on financial markets can create a number of problems and it is debatable as to whether panic or euphoria tend to be the best advisors when trading.

Such situations are where our software earns its masters. TradeMaster can do more than merely analyze prices according to various parameters. The experts at adblue have also equipped the instrument with master strategies based on their extensive experience.

The strategies each use special analytical methods, which allow for trading to be adjusted to one's individual temperament or individual habits, where wagers can be made on short-term or long-term trends or various risk parameters can be defined. A differentiated rating system, which also evaluates the risk/reward ratio, provides support in making decisions.

The trader can select from the broad portfolio of master strategies and let the software automatically carry out trades. Those who would like to benefit optimally from various strategies can bundle various approaches into an individual portfolio, which can be individually adjusted to each personal requirement and desire.
  After deciding on a specific set of strategies, emotions are then switched off on the press of a button. The work is then done by complex indicator models and refined, trading strategies which use neuronal models.

TradeMaster is providing access to an area that was previously reserved for financial institutions and fund managers with its state-of-the-art technology as well as a combination of continuously updated market analyses and strategies based on extensive experience.

Some estimates say that seventy percent of market transactions are carried by such institutional market participants using completely automated computer-supported systems. A privilege that private traders no longer have to do without.

Of course you can find out about the status of your activities at any time and switch off the automatic mode when you like. You can view the charts for every selected trading period and see a presentation of the results produced by your strategy.
Hundreds of differentiated trading strategies

You have hundreds of differentiated trading strategies available. Combine the various strategic approaches into your own personal portfolio. Your personal portfolio will automatically be applied to your account.
Combine several trading strategies

Combine the various strategies into your own personal portfolio. Diversify your portfolio through various trading approaches and trading strategies.
Completely Automated Trading - TradeMaster ®

Your personal portfolio will automatically be applied to your account. Your computer does not even have to be turned on.

Completely automated trading!
Complete Risk Control

Create your own risk management structure. Every trading strategy can contain different risk parameters. Generated buy and sell orders can be carried out any time manually.
Extensive Statistical Evaluation

Evaluate possible results before trading using extensive statistics. Smooth the performance curve in your portfolio with diversification using various strategies.
Rating Controls

Every trading strategy has its own rating factor which is updated monthly. The rating factor is determined using various risk parameters and offers you an additional orientation point when selecting strategies.
TradeMaster ® - Structure Automated
Trading strategies   Pre-Selection
Performance   Portfolio

Strategy Selection

Under the tab you can select the strategies for various time frames of 12, 6, and 3 months. A left click on the desired strategy shows its performance in the area in question To select a strategy in the pre-selection, a check will be made next to the corresponding selection criteria . In the strategy table the following information will be made available:   The information button for additional strategy statistics, ID for the corresponding strategy, strategy name, currency traded , trading approach behind the strategy , time frame , trading focus of the strategy , trading performance , average trading performance per trading day and the average duration of the trading strategy on the market .

Portfolio – Start Automated Trading

The portfolio window allows you a clear overview of all current active strategies. When including strategies in the portfolio, the performance of the strategy can be monitored in the portfolio tab .It is also possible to alter the contract size or remove strategies .

In addition, every strategy can receive an individual or common stop or limit price .It is displayed in the area . When the stop or limit price is reached, the strategy will automatically be closed.

In addition individual strategies can be paused and reactivated . To start an individual portfolio, the Automated button will simply be switched to “On”.

TradeMaster Automatik
  The portfolio will now be run fully automated from your trading account. Your computer does not have to even be turned on. Automated trading can be deactivated by simply switching the Automated button to “off” .

Current open positions will now be automatically closed, new positions will then no longer be entered into. Furthermore, open trading strategies can be closed independently and individually at any time or have stop or limit prices entered.

The automatic function will independently learn, when manual strategies are closed and will then no longer attempt to close them itself. That is completely automated exchange trading!
TradeMaster Strategien

Extensive statistics for all trading strategies

How many trades were carried out using your XYZ strategy? What was your largest gain, how high was your largest loss?

Has the performance of your strategy changed compared to the previous month? And: How successful was XYZ compared to ABC?

TradeMaster provides you with complete transparency for your trading results. Simply click the Information button , to see a display of statistics regarding a strategy.

The information window contains additional information about each individual strategy. In addition to general information (e.g. ID, strategy name and explanation of its function), the statistics will also inform you about the maximum profits and loss resulting from the strategy for selected time frames, the average number of trades per day or the current rating compared to the previous month.
  The rating is given as a number between 1 and 100, whereby 100 is the best.

With these figures, expanded to include the average profit and loss rates for the trades as well the average holding period for individual trades on the market, you will also receive a precise and reliable description of your trading strategy, a good basis to compare the strategies with one another.

Entry scenario and trading procedure

With the selection of the tabs (, , ) you can see the entry scenario and the possible trading course for a selected strategy.

TradeMaster shows you clearly how the trading movements will most likely change over various time frames and types of trading strategies.

A difference will be made between swing, trend, momentum and scalper strategies with short term, middle term, or long term arrangements.

  A unique factor in all trading strategies is that they are all involved with only one direction in the market. That means a “long” strategy will only go long and thus explicitly bets on rising market prices while a “short” strategy only shorts, and thus speculates that the market will decline.

It is an important aspect for even more clarity and an overview of your trading strategies and for an individual portfolio design.
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Financial trading has been revolutionized and redefined!

Perfect, safe trading around the clock, with differentiated analytical methods, completely automated master strategies from trading experts and constant complete control for traders.

Trading FX & CFDs is risky.