Indication Modules

Meaningful instead of arbitrary information

The number of indicators for the marketplace events is unmanageably high. It begins with simple technical indicators and fundamental data to highly complicated mathematical formulas or neural networks, the range of analytical tools and indication instruments is so vast that an individual can barely keep track of them. The individual trader can lose his way in more than the variety of market indicators. The user finds it very confusing deciphering the purpose of individual instruments and when and why they are useful to traders. At adblue traders are working for traders. And thus the interpretation of market indicators has been on our agenda from the very beginning.

The goal we have set for ourselves when developing TradeMaster was to integrate the market indicators in the software so that the user does not need to  interpret  individual  indicators or  combinations of  indicators but will
  receive clear signals that he/she can immediately use when deciding to go long or short. We therefore made it our primary focus to have the type of signaling adjusted for the corresponding trading approach.

An instrument was created with the TradeMaster Indicator Module that combines universal application possibilities with clear statements. A large range of alternative tools that can be set to allow for optimal signaling for your individual trading approach - of course without forcing you to additionally evaluate charts.
The Indication Modules
Trend module
Swing module
Momentum module
Trend, Swing and Momentum

The Indicator Module in TradeMaster supplies the trader with finely differentiated analyses of market events, expanded to include a brief probability calculation for future events. Depending on the individual trading approach, from scalpers to trend traders, a selection can be made between trend, swing, momentum or an individual combination of such approaches.   “Trading without inter-market awareness on the individual markets, is like driving a car without looking out the side windows, and without looking in the rearview mirrors, and thus very dangerous.”

John J. Murphy


Structure of the Indication Module

„Swing“ , „Trend“ , „Mom“ and „Sum“ . With the drop down menu you  can   select   the  desired  currency  pair   using the menu and the desired time frame.

The Swing module

The Swing Module is designed for traders who focus primarily on market swings. The screenshot shows a colored sinusoid, which represents the individual phases of swing. The numbers above and below define the section of the curve and the individual phases of a swing. The Swing Module is particularly well-suited to scalpers and traders, who are on the market for short periods of time.   The sinusoid represents market activity in real time. The curve display allows two factors to be evaluated at a glance:

First of all, whether the market is climbing or falling, while also providing an indication as to whether the current market swing still has some room to run, so to say, or is about to shift.

The Trend module

As the name clearly indicates, this tool is specially designed to supply indications regarding market tendencies:

Similar to the Swing Module, the trends in the market are visually presented.

A climbing blue bar indicates upward trend phases and a falling red bar indicates a downward trend.
  The special advantage of this module is the indication as to how long a trend can continue or how far it has advanced to the expected high point.

“The trend is your friend,” says an old trading proverb. TradeMaster can tell you how long a trend will continue.

The Momentum module

The third tool in the module shows the momentum that the market has at the moment. The screenshot displays positive market momentum (blue).   If the market looses momentum a corresponding negative signal (red) shall be displayed.

Interaction of all three modules

In addition to using the Swing, Trend, and Momentum Modules in accordance with one’s individual trading approach, it is also possible to combine the three tools with one another.

It will allow you as a trader to be informed about specific market constellations at any time.
  Regardless of your trading approach or how you individually decide to use them, the essential advantage of TradeMaster indicators is that they not only tell you where the market is now but also give you information about where the market will probably go.

It makes sure you are always one step ahead.
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