Signal Module

Signal module
Clear signals

In many situations it is relatively easy to determine the direction that a market will probably take in the future.

But when it comes to timing, i.e. determining when to specifically enter and exit the market, even experienced professionals get into trouble.

In order to make such a decision you can look to all sorts of sources of information from fundamental data, technical indicators, market news, chart information, event astrology is sometimes used by traders when making their forecasts, and all of this information is available as software or on the internet.


No wonder that traders feel lost in this jungle. It is also clear what one dreams of in such a situation; of an instrument that is simple to use and leads to assured success.

We at adblue have made this dream our mission. The principle that we are applying is the translation of useful information and calculations into clear signals that can still be adapted to each trading approach.

The Signal Module
Signals module
S-Chart module
Correlation module
Clear signals to buy and sell
Not all traders focus exclusively on resistance and support; the number of trading approaches is enormous and all can be justified in some way. Our goal when developing TradeMaster was to create an adequate instrument for every approach. The Signal Module is a powerful tool when using the trend following approach. Many traders have charts to help them trade using a trend following approach which makes the room for interpretation of technical indicators into a labyrinth over the long term.   The information does not provide a clear unambiguous picture but the individual indicators allow for often contradictory directions to be derived creating a labyrinth where more than a few traders have lost their way.

It was thus necessary to develop an instrument, which would allow for clear interpretation of the indicators, to show traders a clear path.

The Signal Module

Using the trend following approach, adblue has integrated a tool into TradeMaster for you, which provides clear unambiguous signals for going long and short in real time for all important currency pairs and for various time frames.   It makes the individual trade into a coolly calculated enterprise and no longer an open ended adventure; and even though this can lead to a loss of the thrill of the trade, your success in exchange trading should more than make up for it!

The Signal View

The tabs on the upper left in the window allow you to switch to the signal view and the chart view .The currency pairs are listed under the arrows .   To the right of the currency pair are blue and red arrows which serve as long or short signals. The time frame for each signal is noted under each arrow.

The Chart View

The view can switch to a chart either by using the tab selection or with a click on the individual currency pairs. In the upper left you will see a menu reappear for the currency pairs . You can simply click on the appropriate field to select a time frame below the menu .

In the lower left you will see information bundled about the selected time frame .

The following abbreviations mean:
K   Price
G   Profit/loss
D   Date
U   Time

The central part of the window is a chart presentation of a curve with two lines . The lines provide a simple visualization of the trend direction.
  If the blue line crosses the red line from below , then a long signal will be generated (blue arrow pointing upwards). The long signal will remain valid until the blue line crosses the red line from above.

The crossing is then a short signal and the display changes to a red arrow pointing downwards. The short signal will remain valid until the blue line crosses the red line from below.

The chart presentation has even more to offer! By right clicking on a random point in time (regardless of how high) you can have the values for the price and profit along with precise time including the date displayed in the form of cross hairs with the corresponding values appearing with the click.

The Correlation Module

The correlation module displays the relative strength of individual currencies relative to one another without having to perform a complicated analysis of the currency pair. The interaction between the currencies can be recorded and clearly interpreted at a glance.

This module is particularly helpful during an expansion of volatility or when economic data is initially provided that can influence a trend.

Example: If for example the US dollar is in a downward trend, one can quickly recognize, which dollar currency pair is developing best and which might offer the largest opportunity for profit.
  Arbitrage strategies can also be derived using the correlation module, if excessive correlation shifts appear.

You can select the corresponding currency pair using the button . The chart shows you the real-time daily percentage change of one price compared to another.

Left clicking this button will provide you with percentages listing the deviation for every active currency pair. The same can be called up on any location in the chart with a right click.
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