Risk Warning / Terms of Use

Risk Warning / Terms of Use
Risk warning for forex trading

Trading on the margin with currencies (currency trading with leverage effect) is associated with higher risk levels and is not appropriate for everybody. The leverage effect can be equally both positive and negative for you. Before deciding to invest in currencies, you need to carefully examine whether such an investment is in line with your investing objectives and is appropriate given your level of expertise and risk preparedness. As there is the possibility that you can lose your entire investment or a portion of it, you should not invest any funds that you cannot afford to lose. You should also precisely inform yourself about all of the risks associated with trading currencies and in case of doubt, consult an independent financial consultant.

"Trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. The high degree of leverage can work against you as well as for you. Before deciding to invest in foreign exchange you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with foreign exchange trading and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you have any doubts."


The exchange information provided by adblue does not represent investment advice. The information serves solely to ease the user's independent investment decision. Third parties are partially responsible for supplying the information you find on our websites. Neither the third party nor adblue shall guarantee the correctness and/or completeness and/or precision and/or timeliness of individual pieces of information.

The content of adblue’s internet sites serves solely to provide you information and is not there to serve as investment advice, recommendations, or requests to purchase or sell the securities, money market instruments or derivatives. Exchange transactions are always associated with risk and are not appropriate for everyone!

adblue reserves the right to alter, suspend or entirely cease the operation of the internet sites including the services, information, characteristics or functions offered on the internet sites. adblue also reserves the right to suspend or limit individual characteristics, functions or services and limit access to portions of or entire websites without announcing so beforehand.

The use of the internet site is at the user’s own risk. The user shall bear sole responsibility and sole risk for losses resulting from the downloading of the internet sites, the access thereof or the use of the sites and/or their content. Cases where valid legislation prevents liability exemption along with grossly negligent behavior or willful intent are not included in this disclaimer.

In any event, adblue shall assume no liability for imprecision, errors or delays regarding information, content, or services or for missing information, content or services or their erroneous transmission of or the damage resulting from such information. In particular, adblue shall assume no liability for events which it has no influence upon (force majeure).

References and Links

adblue shall assume liability obligations for direct or indirect references to external internet sites (“Links”), which are beyond the scope of responsibility for adblue, only when adblue has approved the content and it was technically possible and reasonable to prohibit usage should they contain illegal content. adblue shall thus expressly state that when the link was set, the linked site in question was free from illegal content. adblue has no influence on the current and future design of the content at the linked/connected sites. Therefore adblue expressly distances itself from all content on the linked/connected site, which was altered after the link was set. This statement shall apply to all of the links and references within the scope of the internet services. The site provider shall bear sole liability for illegal, faulty or incomplete content and particularly for damages resulting from the usage or non-usage of the information provided on the site referenced and not the party who simply referred to links on the publication in question.

Copyright and Trademark Right

adblue has the intention of adhering to the copyrights for graphics, sound documents, video sequences and texts in all publications, or exercising adblue's rights to its self-produced graphics, sound documents, video sequences and texts or of using license free graphics, sound documents, video sequences and texts. All of the brands named as part of the internet services and third-party protected brands and trademarks are subject to the stipulations of the valid copy right and property laws for the registered proprietor. It cannot be solely assumed that simple naming precludes that the trademark is not protected by third party rights! The copyright for the objects published and created by adblue is the sole property of adblue. The dissemination or use of such graphics, audio documents, video sequences and texts in electronic, print or other media or publications is not allowed without the express permission of adblue.

Market information

1) Object of market information
adblue shall provide market information on its websites.

It includes:
Specialist content in text, image or audio form
(e.g. information material, training material, manuals, market analysis, encyclopedia content, glossaries, etc)
General information regarding market events
(e.g. contractual and other market specifications, exchange holidays, trading times, etc.)
c) News
(e.g. dates and results of central bank meetings, changes in discount rates, economic indices,
company press releases, etc.)
d) Market data
(e.g. bid and offer prices (levels 1 and 2), trading prices, revenue volumes, open interest, sentiment data, historic data sequences, company figures)
e) Quoting and charts that can be presented in the following forms:
 - Static (click to refresh) or self updating (streaming)
 - Delayed or realtime (e.g. equity and futures charts, quotes for currencies, FOREX realtime streaming quotes
and charts etc)
All of the market information provided by adblue on the websites (including quotes and charts with all of the integrated functions (e.g. technical indicators)) are solely for private usage and may only be called up for private or personal purposes. Every commercial or economic usage is prohibited unless a legally valid contract between adblue and the party using the market information for commercial or economic purposes has been signed. The use of the information for third party purposes such as the unremunerated management of third party assets is also prohibited.
Dissemination or Distribution
Every dissemination or distribution of market information, whether complete or in part or in excerpts (in particular the news as well and quotes and charts) is prohibited, unless a legally valid contract is in place for this express purpose between adblue and the disseminating or distributing party. It is also prohibited to provide the market information in all forms and in all portions to third parties, either for commercial or economic or private purposes.
Duplication and Publication
The complete or partial copying or duplication of the market information or excerpts thereof is not allowed in any form and neither is use of it in electronic networks or other media (including print media).
Storage of Data
Every form of storage or market information whether partial or complete or in excerpts is prohibited.
Conversion of Data
It is not permitted to convert market information whether complete or in part or in excerpts in to other file formats.

Electronic Attacks

Every form of electronic attack on the adblue websites or its website servers is prohibited. Every electronic attack on the website of adblue or its website servers can be prosecuted in civil and criminal proceedings, regardless of whether the attack results in damage.

Electronic attacks includes specifically:
Every action against websites, which results in an impairment of the functioning or damage to or alteration of the content;
Every action against the website servers, which results in an impairment of the functioning or damage to or alteration of the content;
- Wanton dissemination or application of damaging or spyware programs (e.g. viruses, trojans, worms, spy bots etc);
- Brute force attacks and similar actions;
- Use of hard or software to extract data;
Calling up the websites using technical assistants, especially such assistants that result in high frequency or regular opening of the site.

Use of Technological Material

It is not permitted to open adblue websites from anonymous proxy servers or web servers.

Violations of the Terms and Conditions

adblue shall reserve the right to immediately block access to paid portions of the online services without prior notice and begin civil and criminal proceedings in the event of a violation of the Terms and Conditions or when a material suspicion of abuse is justified. In addition adblue reserves the right in such cases to immediately terminate the existing service contract with the user and cease providing all of the contractual services, whereby the payment obligation of the user shall not be in any way affected and the payments by the user shall not be reimbursed. Should damage to adblue result from the violation of Terms and Conditions, than adblue may claim compensation within the framework of valid legislation. The user shall exempt adblue from damage claims, which were caused by the improper use of the online services by third parties. Should the user be responsible for usage by a third party and should this usage of the third party include costs or fees, such costs and fees shall be borne by the user.

Legal Validity of this Disclaimer

This disclaimer shall be seen as a part of the internet services and is valid for all adblue websites. In as far as portions of this text or individual formulations in this text be invalidated pursuant to valid legislation or invalidated in the future or not be in full compliance with legislation, the remaining portions of the document shall not be compromised in their validity.

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