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Up until now, foreign exchange trading has mostly taken place among professional market participants. Due to the difficulty of obtaining real time information and being able to take part in the market movements, private traders were mostly excluded from this segment. That is now changing.

TradeMaster is taking things to a new dimension. The software provides the trader with current prices and allows him to carry out transactions directly on the market at any time.

To give traders a clear overview of the price movements and to help them recognize the probabilities of further price developments, numerous innovative analytical tools are integrated into the instrument. TradeMaster also includes the option of carrying out trading strategies completely automatically.
  This client solution was developed with futuristic technologies. In addition to state of the art programming, system redundancies to secure trades, redundant server solutions and of course specially encrypted data transmission systems are all part of it.

It thus guarantees maximum transaction security. The integrated two-way order technology is based on various Api Connections and provides additional support using the standard banking FIX protocol.

TradeMaster makes it theoretically possible to carry out 170,000 trades every second!


Directly in Interbank Trading

You can trade directly in interbank trading with TradeMaster. The instrument uses rates from more than ten large banks to provide a clear and assured market overview. Of course there is no dealer intervention or re-quotes. Entry, limit, or stop orders can be set as closely as you would like.

Together with the analysis and strategy functions of TradeMaster, you have the best conditions for professional, successful trading.


Directly in Interbank Trading

TradeMaster ® Structure
This is the dealing rates area with real time rates and the possibility of trading directly online.   This area displays additional statistics with open positions and a pie chart presenting the day's results.
This area display the account information, open and closed positions, as well as current entry orders.   This area displays real-time chart information.

Sell, Buy and Hedge

Managing long and short positions is easy. A long position is entered, by left clicking on the bid price, a short position is entered by left clicking on the ask price. You can also press the corresponding button above the dealing rates window and open a position.

After clicking, the window for creating a market order will open.

This window will display the corresponding finance instrument, the contract size, whether it is a long or short position, along with the current price and the order type. The “Advanced” button offers the additional possibility of defining a stop and limit price and setting a trailing stop. The order shall be placed on the market by simply clicking on the "OK" button to confirm.
Hedging positions    

Of course, TradeMaster can also be used to hedge possible positions. It means that short and long positions can be entered simultaneously. Just as with opening a normal position, a counter position can easily be opened.
Use sophisticated trading strategies for your success.
Of course you will only need the simple margin for hedging.

Stops, Limits, Breakeven Stops and Trailing-Stops

Open positions are displayed in the account information and pie chart. Every position has its own specific ticket number calculated in real time. Simply right click the line in the open position and a menu window will open where you can assign the position stops and limits. A stop is a safety function where a position is automatically sold if the price falls below a specific mark, thus limiting losses.   You use the limit to define a profit line, where the position is sold and the profits taken.

Stops, limits and trailing stops can be altered and deleted at any time.
Breakeven Stop    

The breakeven stop allows you to secure open positions that are still in the profit zone.
The break even stop secures the open position with pip profit and offers a quick opportunity for securing positions.
Trailing Stop    

The trailing stop allows you to have a current stop “run” depending on market movements.

For example if the dealer goes long at a price of 1.2720 EUR/USD and sets a Stop at 1.2705 EUR/USD and the current rate is 1.2730 EUR/USD, the trader can then activate the trailing stop to profit further from beneficial price trends without giving up the safety function.
Should the current price of 1.2730 EUR/USD climb to 1.2731 EUR/USD, then the security stop will shift up by a pip from 1.2705 to 1.2076, which allows you to maintain a constant safety buffer.

Trade Master allows you to set the stops and limits as tightly as you want, even within the spread.

Closing and Shifting Positions – Entry Order

If your want to close a position, right click on it and then close the position in the menu that will then appear. You can also click on the small red button next to the position calculation.

It is also possible to close all the open positions with a single click on the red “Close All” button, which means that you do not need to close every position individually.
  The menu also allows for open positions to be shifted. A single mouse click for example can be used to close a long position and then a short position will open immediately.

Closed positions are displayed in the pie chart under the title “Closed”.

You will find the “Entry” button in the area above the dealing rates. Entry orders allow you to enter a stop in the market or enter a command for market entry at a certain price. The trader can also define stops and limits from the very start.
Entry orders, which have yet to be transacted on the market, are displayed in the tab "Entry Order". Entry orders can be deleted at any time. By clicking the “Delete all" button, you can also delete all open entry orders.

Account Information and Trading Statistics

The account information will display the current account status and an evaluation of all current positions.

The area also contains information about the daily results as well as the current margin entries. The "Report" button can be used to produce an account statement at any time.

The pie diagram displays the current earnings as well as those that have already been realized. A particular advantage of this function is that the different position in trades such as EUR/USD can be compiled here.

A further possibility is closing the same type of positions, setting a breakeven stop or shifting all of the positions from the pie chart with a click.
If you drag the mouse cursor over the pie chart the current results for the positions will be displayed.

Structure of the Individual Currency Windows

The black bar displays the currency pair. Underneath to the left and right you will find the daily high and low for the corresponding currency pair.

Two large windows display in real time and live the current prices, whereby the area to the left shows the current bid price and the area to the right displays the current ask price .

Color coding acts as an additional aid in gaining an immediate overview of the situation: A blue blinking light means that the price is currently rising; a red blinking light indicates that the price is currently falling.
  To the right next to a currency window you will see a small bar , which displays the current price in comparison to the highs and lows for the day using a small triangle next to a red and yellow area. To the left is the current price, which can be read on the small triangle close to the daily low. To the right you will see the current price compared to the day’s high.

As good trading opportunities often coincide with the highs and lows for a day, this presentation format provides the perfect support for gaining an overview of all currency pairs and the right movements for trading.

Individual Integration and Price Alarm

You will see two symbols beneath the exchange rate. A simple mouse click on the left symbol kallows you to separate the currency window from the TradeMaster software and place one or more currency windows on your desktop.

In the reverse direction it is possible to return the currency window to the program. The alarm function sounds to indicate that pre-set price marks have been reached.
  You can also use an e-mail or text message function when you wish. In addition to a normal price alarm, the trader can set further alarms.

For example one that sounds when the currency reaches a new high compared to the high for the previous day, week, or month.

Fast Market Display

Fast-Market Pulsing Blue: Slowly pulsing blue means that the market is about to make a strong upward movement.
Fast-Market Pulsing Red: Slowly pulsing red means that the market is about to make a strong downward movement.
Fast-Market Pulsing Yellow: The market is about to move strongly.

An additional highlight function in the Fast Market Display .Is the indication that the market has reached a new high or low over various time frames.

The blinking of the number 60 in the color blue in the Fast Market Display indicates that the price has shot above the high for the previous hour.

This display draws your attention to 30 minute and 60 minute breakouts, as well as four-day, daily, weekly, and monthly breakouts.
  It is a vital trading support to scalper and breakout traders.

The following time frames are displayed:

= 30 minutes
= 60 minutes
= 4 hours
= Day
= Week
= Month

Analytic Shortcut Bar

In one of the next upgrades you will find the Analytic Shortcut Bar  , where you can quickly open a series of very interesting power tools.

Current patent proceedings and reasons of competition prevent much more from being disclosed right now. However, to give you an impression how powerfully the tools can support you in your trading, we have decided to present one of the analytical tools to you today: The TradeMaster Sentiment CoT analysis.
  The name is a combination of the acronym CoT from the SEC’s Commitment of Traders Report and the concept of sentiment analysis. What is behind the idea?

Sentiment CoT Analysis

Just as the CoT Report differentiates between Commercial and Non-Commercial, the display here has two bar graphs for private traders and banks. The left column shows the ratio of longs to shorts among private clients (PC). The right column shows the ratio of longs to shorts among banks or institutional investors (IN).

To the right of each column the ratio is given as a percentage. Beneath the columns you can see the current bid and ask prices . A direct connection with our data suppliers is used to calculate our figures in real-time.
  In the areas on the right side of the window you can determine whether you would like to see the information for the day , week or month . In the upper right you will find the Fast Market Display.

To allow you to react immediately in certain market situations, we have integrated an alarm function. Set the constellation that you find especially interesting and an alarm will sound to indicate to you that such a situation has come into being.
If the ratio of longs to shorts is particularly strong in a certain direction, it might be time to take your profits or to speculate on a counter reaction.

The ratio between the private and the institutional investors is also of particular interest; should the longs among the private investors increase rapidly over the shorts, such as in a ration of 80% to 20%, while the longs among institutional investors decline, this can be seen as a clear signal of an upcoming trend shift.

In combination with the other indicators available to you on the shortcut bar, the TradeMaster Sentiment CoT can be a unique assistant that no professional trader will want to do without.
  How you can use the TradeMaster Sentiment CoT Analysis to succeed

“The masses always lose because the masses are always wrong. They are wrong because they act normally.” Fred C. Kelly

One needs to counter this with a quote from good old Goethe:

“Don’t let them take away your uniqueness! It is easy to believe what the crowd does."
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